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Simple Assault in New Jersey

Simple assault charges are very serious in the state of New Jersey. If you do not have the professional legal help needed, you could be facing an uncertain future. NJ Simple Assault Attorney Charles Block has the experience needed to obtain the best possible outcomes for your case. If you have been charged with a simple assault, contact his New Jersey office immediately. He has the professional legal guidance needed to avoid a rocky criminal future.

Many individuals do not understand the impact simple assault charges can have on their future. If you have been involved in a fight or attack where a person sustains mild injury/injuries, you could have charges pressed against you. If you are charged with being the attacker in a simple assault, you could face a punishment of 6 months in jail (in addition to other penalties). Even though simple assault is considered on the lower end of violent crimes, you can easily face time in jail. That is why it is important to hire NJ Simple Assault Attorney Charles Block to reduce any significant penalties against you, or dismiss the charges entirely. He will obtain the most favorable results so the charges do not stay on your permanent criminal record.

Assault Charges

simple assault new jersey

Individuals involved in assault charges can feel free to contact NJ Attorney Charles Block for more information on simple assault charges and how to defend them. You can visit him at his New Jersey office for a personal consultation. NJ Attorney Charles Blocks understands what it takes to reduce or avoid any simple assault charges and penalties. He will devise a winning strategy that will work for your specific case. Don’t let simple assault charges ruin your life. Contact New Jersey Simple Assault Attorney Charles Block immediately for help. It could be the difference between spending time in jail.

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