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Short Sales New Jersey

We understand that you are going through a very difficult time and we want to give you our personal assurance that we will do everything possible to help you avoid foreclosure and close your transaction. Our firm would like to provide assistance to avoid foreclosure Haddonfield NJ through our Short Sales Haddonfield NJ solution program which is designed to get your mortgage lender to accept a lesser payment amount than they are owed. Essentially, the mortgage lender will accept a reduced amount instead of incurring the cost and time of going through the foreclosure process. It has been our experience that each mortgage lender has their own equation to determine what they are willing to accept as a settlement. So, let us help you avoid foreclosure New Jersey, just opt for our Short Sales New Jersey.

Many people ask, “How long does the process take?” The answer depends on two things: 1.) How quickly you get your paper work back to us, 2.) How fast the mortgage lender will review your case. We have seen some cases take just a few weeks where others have taken several months. However, if you have bona fide contract of Sale for your property and your paper work is fully completed, the mortgage lender will review your transaction much quicker.

Short Sales NJ

short sale new jersey

Attached is a packet with documents that must be completed and signed by you as quickly as possible to avoid foreclosures NJ. If you have any questions about the forms in the packet, please feel free to contact us. Once you have completed and signed your documents, please return them as soon as possible. We cannot begin your file until we receive the packet back from you.

Any delay in sending the packet back to us will cause a delay in obtaining a short sale payoff and will delay your closing.

Again, thank you for using the law office of Charles J. Block as we forward to assisting you through the short sale process.

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