burglary charges new jersey

Burglary Charges New Jersey

If you live in New Jersey, and are facing shoplifting charges, contact Attorney Charles Block immediately. He has years of experience providing consultations for burglary charges, robbery charges and shoplifting charges. By working with Attorney Block, individuals will have a winning chance to obtain the most favorable results, while keeping their record clean. One of the most important things for defendants to remember is that they are protected by certain civil rights when involved with any one of these charges in the state of New Jersey.

There are rules to be followed when someone is facing shoplifting charges. NJ Attorney Charles Block wants individuals to know that when they are accused of shoplifting, store employees do have the right to obtain them, as well as contact the police if needed. However, in the state if New Jersey, store employees do not have the rights to use force, perform unwarranted searches, or retain the information as to why the person is being obtained. Only if there is “probable cause” can police make an arrest and lodge shoplifting charges against someone.

Shoplifting Charges

shoplifting charges new jersey

NJ Attorney Charles Block will devote all of his time and energy to assisting those who are faced with shoplifting charges, robbery charges, or burglary charges. He will make sure his client’s civil rights were not violated, no matter what the reason was for the accusation. Individuals living in NJ, who are in need of immediate help of dropping their charges can contact New Jersey Attorney Charles Block today. During the initial consultation, Attorney Block will explain the severity of the charges and devise a winning strategy for the best possible outcome. Individuals facing burglary charges or robbery charges may be facing stiffer penalties but no matter what the case is, he will get the best possible outcomes. When facing burglary charges or robbery charges, individuals may feel like there is no hope. But there is an attorney in NJ waiting to defend the rights of citizens. He understands how to beat the system and defend the law properly.

NJ Attorney Charles Block is not just limited to assisting individuals with burglary charges or robbery charges. He is also has experience defending individuals involved with car accidents and suspended licenses.

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