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Pretrial Intervention Program New Jersey

Defendants who have been tried as a first-time defender will have the opportunity to qualify for a pretrial intervention program in New Jersey. Pre trial intervention brings opportunities for alternative solutions to the traditional process of justice prosecution. The pretrial intervention program is used to reduce early rehabilitate services which can be expected to prevent future criminal behavior. The pretrial intervention program is successful because it is entirely based on a rehabilitative model that recognizes a connection between the offenses charged to the defendant, and the rehabilitative needs of the defendant. The model is based on the theory that a defendant’s decision to commit a crime is based on their specific social, cultural, and economic decisions. NJ Attorney Charles Block is well-versed in all legal matters regarding pre trial intervention in the state of New Jersey.

nj pretrial intervention

The pretrial intervention program is designed to solve the personal problems surrounded conditions that cause a person to commit a crime. Pre trial intervention works to find out the roots of these problems, and deter the defendant from being involved with criminal behavior in the future. If a defendant successfully completes the pre trial intervention program, the defendant will have no record of conviction and they can avoid having the entire New Jersey community think of him/her as a criminal. To ensure the record of the original arrest is removed, a defendant might want to file for an expungement. Individuals can contact NJ Attorney Charles Block for more information on how to file for an expungement.

Here are some more benefits associated with the pretrial intervention program:

  • Some court proceeding costs are eliminated when a defendant accepts the pretrial intervention program
  • Early resolution is sought after by the program. This serves the interests of all parties involved with the proceedings including the victim, the defendant, and the public
  • Resources can be used on more serious criminal proceedings in the state of NJ

Individuals involved in a criminal charge can contact NJ Attorney Charles Block today. Feel free to call or visit the Voorhees, New Jersey office for a consultation.

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