What A Simple Assault Charge Can Cost You in the State of New Jersey

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

Perhaps you got into a drunken brawl at your favorite local bar a month ago with little to no memory of it happening but bruises to show for it; or, maybe you were trying to defend yourself from an unexpected attack by your best friend’s cousin, which had escalated from an argument. Whatever the situation may be, a physical altercation with someone that involved a mild injury (or two, or three) can result in life-altering penalties if charges are placed against you in New Jersey.



I find that many of my clients facing a simple assault charge do not realize how serious the consequences can be. Simple assault charges should not be taken lightly! As a skilled criminal lawyer based in Haddonfield, NJ, I can help you better understand the impact that a simple assault charge can have on your life. And of course, help you achieve a better outcome for the situation!


Even though simple assault charges are considered to be a low level offense on the scale of violent crime, they can result in a penalty no one wants to experience – jail time! Some individuals charged with simple assault do not consult a lawyer because they are unaware of how badly the penalties can affect their life. That is the worst mistake you could make in dealing with a simple assault charge. Once you have a simple assault charge on your record, getting a loan or a job becomes extremely difficult.


The punishment for a simple assault charge can entail six months or more of jail time, along with expensive fines of up to $1,000 or more. What you need is an experienced attorney on your side who will fight for your rights and provide you with legal guidance every step of the way. At my criminal law practice in Haddonfield, NJ, I represent my clients with a passion for helping them receive a second chance at making things right again.


I have helped my clients facing a simple assault charge get their charges reduced or dropped altogether. If you are charged with simple assault, allow me to speak with you about your options and hear your story. I’ll advise you on the legal circumstances, assist you with the handling of paperwork, and devise an effective strategy aimed at achieving a better outcome for your situation.


Contact me so we can schedule a meeting at no cost to you. I’ll evaluate your case to develop an approach that is focused on getting your charges reduced or dropped. A simple assault charge is not simple at all when it comes to your rights. But with my legal expertise, I’ll make the process easier.