Why Should I Hire a Lawyer for My Real Estate Transaction?

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

Purchasing a house is usually the largest single expenditure that you’ll make in a lifetime. Many people view the home-buying process as a transaction but, in reality, it is just as much a legal procedure as it is an exchange of funds for property. It is important to obtain the services of a lawyer in order to protect your assets and make sure that the purchase agreement is executed in a manner that corresponds with your requirements for your new home. We’ve outlined just a few of the reasons why hiring a lawyer to assist you in the purchase of your home is a wise investment in your future.

1)      Advice and Guidance. While a real estate broker will explain the process of home buying and your agency will do the best to make a sale, a lawyer is hired specifically for the purpose of handling your affairs and taking your side should a legal dispute arise. An attorney specializing in real estate can explain the terms of an agreement in plain English, as well as revise the agreement if it becomes necessary, and make sure it was properly signed. Lawyers with expertise in real estate law are also able to answer important questions surrounding the purchase of a home and their legal rights and responsibilities.

2)      Special Circumstances. A purchase agreement is often made to fit a generic format that might not apply to the home you are looking to buy or sell. Hiring a lawyer to review this type of “standard form” and amend it if need be will make the end agreement better fit your desires. “Special circumstances” are not rare, and would apply to any sale of a property where anything is not perfectly in order. Some purchase agreement topics that may require legal assistance include: legal or illegal alteration of property, dangerous conditions such as hazardous waste, pests, asbestos or lead paint discovered after inspection, and deciding how a buyer will ultimately pay for their new home.

3)      You are buying or selling a home in an unfamiliar place. If you are buying a home far from your current location (especially out-of-state), or selling one that is not nearby (perhaps belonging to a deceased relative), the home buying or selling process will be complicated even further. A real estate attorney will have more information on the inter-state purchasing process than a realtor, whose licensing education is mostly based on the contracts used in the state where they are holding their license.

4)      Peacekeeping.  Ultimately, a real estate attorney’s job is to make a contract come together, and to work through any issues the buyer, seller and broker may encounter in coming to an agreement. As the lawyer enters the picture after the price and terms are set by realtors, their job is mainly to negotiate and collaborate with the parties involved in the home inspection, contract and title company.

For more information about what a qualified real estate attorney can do for you during the home buying process, give us a call. 

How Can Hiring A Lawyer Following a DUI or DWI Arrest Help My Case?

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

Immediately after an arrest for Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), or any number of charges that can stem from the combination of motor vehicles and alcohol/drugs, your future may seem bleak. Sophisticated devices used in field sobriety tests, such as breath, urine and blood tests, may make it seem as if confessing all, pleading guilty, and/or relying on the services of an overworked Public Defender is the only logical option, given the evidence against you.

In reality, however, regardless of how hopeless your situation may seem, there are many measures that a dedicated attorney with years of experience practicing Criminal Law can take to eliminate or drastically lessen charges, saving you money, negative consequences and even hard time.

Always remember: the prosecution must prove your guilt beyond any reasonable doubt. A good DUI/DWI attorney may be able to challenge the evidence against you into sufficient question.

Examination of errors in DUI/DWI arrest procedures, especially field tests.

Alcotest machines and field sobriety tests are far from foolproof, and can be rendered invalid through a variety of different standard errors made by their administrator. Failure on the part of a police officer to [properly operate an Alcotest machine prior to each test, for example, can be grounds for invalidating the results. If this evidence cannot be used in court, it may destroy the case against you. The rules regarding urine and blood specimens taken at police stations and hospitals are very strict, and discovering a simple breach in protocol can cause these results to be thrown out, as well.

Skilled DUI/DWI attorneys know exactly how to trace the use of these field tests and devices in order to determine if the proper steps were taken prior to your arrest.

Discovering a violation of your rights.

Bringing a violation of your legal rights to light is one of the strongest defenses possible against a DUI/DWI charge. This is one of the primary reasons it is imperative to hire a DUI/DWI attorney immediately following an arrest; your memories of the event may be clearest shortly after it has occurred, and piecing together clues that could lead to evidence of careless and improper illegal police work which may work towards a dismissal of your charges

Finding and thoroughly interviewing witnesses.

Witnesses can serve a variety of purposes when compiling a legal defense. These individuals can provide cause to dispute the evidence provided by the police through verified reports that conflict with those of the attending law enforcement officers, helping to build a case for your future. Either way, a qualified DUI/DWI attorney will know where to look for useful witnesses, as well as possess the time to do so; a public defender may be overwhelmed with other cases and thus unable to dedicate the time and attention your case deserves.

For a DUI/DWI attorney with decades of experience helping clients receive a second chance, post-DUI or DWI arrest, call the Law Offices of Charles Block. As a dedicated Criminal Attorney, Charles Block provides clients with non-judgmental legal counsel, communicated clearly throughout the legal process. Visit our Contact page to set up an appointment to discuss your DUI or DWI arrest.