The Steps of Expungement

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

So you’ve made a mistake with the law in the past and now you are ready to put it behind you. However, your criminal record is getting in the way of your new beginning. You want to get a job but the criminal record keeps popping up, causing employers to turn you away. You are trying to buy a home but the record makes it impossible. Fortunately, there is a legal solution called an expungement that can seal your record and make it clean again. As an expungement attorney that serves the Camden County area, Charles Block can assist you with handling the process of clearing your record.


Charles Block has won numerous expungement cases for clients. When Clients hire Charles Block, they can expect to be represented by an experienced professional attorney who will fight for them to gain the clean record they need. There are a number of steps in the expungement process that must be taken to achieve a clean record, of which an attorney can assist you.


  1. Find out if you are eligible. Certain criminal records cannot be cleared, even through an expungement. In addition, if you have more than one criminal record they may not be subject to expungement.
  2. Gather and locate your record. You will need the information from your record to file an expungement. The documents will contain key information needed such as date of arrest, offenses, and date of conviction.
  3. Fill out and complete all the forms. These forms are used to file the petition to seal your record.
  4. File and serve the forms you completed to the court.
  5. Attend your hearing.
  6. Present the expungement order signed by the judge to all parties, including the chief of police, the warden, and the country prosecutor.


If you are looking to clear your record and are in search of an expungement attorney in the Gloucester area, contact Charles Block! Check out his website for more information.