What Constitutes a Simple Assault Charge in New Jersey?

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

In the state of New Jersey, there are three ways to commit simple assault.

·         Attempting to/actually causing bodily harm to a person.

·         Injury caused by a deadly weapon

·         Put fear of bodily harm into a person’s mind

When does a bodily injury occur? A person causes bodily injury when the person they are harming is physically injured or in pain. Traditional weapons such as firearms, along with objects or substances that non-traditional can also constitute a deadly weapon. In many simple assault cases, as object such as a brick, or something related, is used to pose harm to someone.

What are the penalties that result from a simple assault charge? Since a simple assault is normally categorized as a disorderly persons offense (unless it is categorized as a petty disorderly offense due to a consensual fight where an injury occurred) an individual can be ordered to pay a fine or make restitution. In the state of New Jersey, a fine cannot exceed $1,000, however, a judge has the authority to order a higher fine. The higher fine cannot exceed the amount of loss suffered by the victim.

It is advisable to consult a simple assault lawyer because being charged is a serious matter which can become worse if there is no legal action. For more information, please contact my New Jersey office. You can reach the office of Charles Block, attorney at Law, by calling 856-741-1495. Please feel free to set up a legal consultation. Contacting my office can be the difference between spending time in jail, and walking free.