Simple Assault Punishment

Friday, March 7th, 2014

One of the main questions a NJ simple assault attorney gets asked is “What is the punishment involved with a simple assault?” If you have been charged with simple assault, than you must understand the penalties involved and you may want to consider hiring an attorney who understands how to protect your legal rights and even make sure you receive the lightest sentence possible.

Two Types of Assault

New Jersey law states that there are two types of basic assault charges you can face, however, in order for you to be committed of those assault charges, there needs to be probable cause. It is the job of the prosecution to provide probable cause that an assault took place. The prosecution must prove that you:


You knowingly, purposely or recklessly attempted/caused physical bodily harm to another individual.

You unintentionally/negligently caused injury to another individual with a deadly weapon

You knowingly attempted to put another individual in fear of a bodily injury


The following punishments may be given to you if you have been convicted of simple assault:

            You may be forced to spend up to 6 months in jail

            You may be given community service

            You may be responsible for a fine of up to $1,000

            You may have a criminal record


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