How to Properly Defend Against a Shoplifting Case in New Jersey

Monday, January 13th, 2014

When cited with shoplifting charges, you may feel like you are experiencing one of the worst situations ever, without knowing what to do or who to turn to. A possible theft charge can have extremely negative effects on your future. Luckily, there is someone on your side that will work hard to keep your future looking bright.

Charles Block is a leading New Jersey attorney who has experience defending individuals involved with shoplifting charges. Just like any other case, he delves into the facts of the situation and works hard to bring justice accordingly. For each shoplifting case, he asks himself a number of questions including:

Are all accusations accurate?

You can’t always rely on the police reports to be completely accurate, which is why it is wise to take the time to read over every last detail and see if it adds up to the accusations. For instance, if a client is charged with theft, can the police prove that the person had intent to steal? If the client was charged with burglary, can the police prove that the person had intent to steal even before they entered the property?  These necessary details of the crime must be proved beyond unreasonable doubt. As an experienced attorney, Charles Block can see through accounts that conflict with each other and tear apart police reports that don’t necessarily add up. During consultation, he will review every fact of the case, to see if there are any gaps of information missing or inaccurate.

Are There Any Legal Defenses?

Most shoplifting cases involve citizen’s arrest, where a store owner or personnel takes it upon himself to make the arrest before the police arrive. However, they do not act under the same rules and legal guidelines as real police officers. It is a fact that they have a right to detain a person; however, they must still act in accordance with the law and cannot just do whatever they feel like. For example, department store owners cannot spy on customers in the dressing room, assuming they are stealing clothes. If this is the case, it can be used in advantage of the defendant. Store personnel also cannot use excessive force when detaining a customer, another action that is a clear legal violation.

Every shoplifting case is unique and requires an experience attorney too lend his or her assistance with the case. If you or someone you know is unsure if they have been abused by the law, or uncertain why they have been cited, Charles Block is here to help.