Spring Seasons Brings Out The Antsy Buyers, Here Is What To Expect From A Short Sale

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

During the spring and summer months tend to be the busiest season for buying a home. The weather is warming up, homes landscaping begins to look new again and those who have children tend to move when they are out of school. For those who have been looking to buy a new property for some time now may want to know what to expect come a short sale.

You found a home you love, but it’s not your standard settlement process, that is why Charles Block real estate lawyers are here to guide buyers through unknown waters. When the mortgage of a home is in default and the current homeowners can’t pay, they use a short sale to avoid a foreclosure. If you happen to be looking to purchase a short sale you most likely want to pay less than what is due on the mortgage. In a real estate transaction such as a short sale, having an experience attorney by your side it important to push this process along a little faster.

By having an attorney represent you, it will make sure the buyers are not being taken advantage of and that they are paying a reasonable price come settlement. This process may take quite awhile due to the fact that the bank has to agree on the mortgage, which is most likely less than what is owed on the house.

Short sales have become more frequent in the economy today, so homeowner’s avoid foreclosure because it affects their credit. Charles Block real estate attorneys know the ins and outs of the market and will be able to help potential buyers when looking into a short sale to make sure they are getting a good deal, although there is the added paperwork. So when considering buying a short sale, be sure to have an experienced lawyer by your side this spring season.