Caught in sobriety check Point: Still Hope for defense

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Every year, there are many instances where individuals are caught at sobriety points doing always some real bad things that catch the attention of law enforcement agencies. These wring things can be drunk driving, or driving under the intoxication, possessing illegal narcotics possession of a CDS Schedule I narcotic (marijuana) and possession of a CDS Schedule III narcotic drug paraphernalia. If anybody is caught in the sobriety checkpoint, heavy fine to criminal prosecution case can be initiated against the culprit. The culprit is then presented in the courtroom where the magistrate decided the future of the culprit.

But don’t worry; the things will take normal course if you hire a criminal lawyer or attorney. The lawyer or attorney will discuss your case and find out the key points that will help you to come out of the dragnet. The sobriety check point case will be handled by an experienced criminal lawyer or attorney who has the experiences in handling such type of cases. But make sure that you hire appropriate criminal lawyer and not just anybody. Because, if you hire inexperienced attorney or lawyer to fight the sobriety case, then you’d be in a big trouble! Inexperienced criminal lawyers and attorneys can make the situation turn more complex, and if the situation turns complex, even the most experienced criminal lawyer will not be able to get you back your lost dignity.

Caught in sobriety checkpoint, then consult only an experienced lawyer who will otherwise understand the complexities involved in your case and give you more ready made solution. If you really go for the best solution or if you are really concerned that you come out of the trouble as soon as you can, the ideal remedy will be to catch hold of professional and experienced attorney and lawyer who’d be able to study the pros and cons of your case and bring forth reliable solution.

Now the relevant question arises–which is the right means to get an experienced sobriety attorney or lawyer to fight your case and understand its technicalities? The Internet is the best and comprehensive place where you can search for the best and experienced sobriety attorney and which will help you to come out of the problem as quick as possible. Shop around online to find the experienced sobriety attorney, and also take some time out to read through the terms and conditions.

Hundreds of arrests are made at sobriety check points, and therefore you need to show complete restraint even if you get caught in any of unexplainable situation. All you need to do is hire a sobriety attorney or lawyer and discuss your condition with him in as much detail as possible.

Expungement: Get a clean criminal history

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Expungement is a legal process under which the criminal gets a clean criminal history as his or her arrest and conviction is completely erased from the criminal record. It is important to note here that not all cases and not all conditions make a person or persons eligible for seeking expungement. The eligible person has to meet certain standards set under the federal law in order to become eligible for expungement. The very process of laborious one and it involves a number of series of steps, and each step has many complications that need to be carefully looked into.

Following are some of the examples of convictions that do not fall under the ambit of expungement:

  • 1. Rape
  • 2. Sexual battery
  • 3. Corruption of a minor
  • 4. Sexual imposition
  • 5. Obscenity or pornography where a minor is involved
  • 6. Felonies done by the accused where the victim is under 18 years of age

There is certainly a distinction when you compare expungement with pardon or the executive clemency. Although both these terms appear similar, yet there is huge difference in both of them. Under the expungement conditions, a person whose criminal record is erased treats the events as they had never happened in the past or present. However, this is not the case with the executive clemency. Pardon doesn’t erase the records. Pardon is forgiveness is granted by the governor for the state law offenses, and the President for the federal offenses. Expungement deals with an individual who has underlying criminal record. It is a civil action where the plaintiff or the petitioner will ask the court to clearly declare in the writing on the records to be expunged.

Expungement case is handled by criminal lawyer or attorney, and therefore it is very necessary that you hire one for your Expungement. There are many experienced lawyers and attorneys who are trained and qualified to handle expungement cases. Criminal Attorney New Jersey can be your first choice, though you can also look for qualified criminal lawyer in Haddonfield, PA and many other counties and states. It all depends on your comfort levels and the jurisdiction under which your state or county is covered.

But make sure that you go for experienced criminal lawyer so that your application for expungement is justified before the judge in the court of law. Expungement is meant to give you a cleaner image so that you can lead a normal life and recreate your lost images in the public. Therefore, you cannot take chances with expungement or else, it is you who would eventually be at fault again. What are you thinking about? Get ready and apply for Expungement before it is too late. You deserve to be expunged.